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In order to build resilience to disasters in a changing climate, policy-makers and the public must have access to the accurate and up to date information. The Open Data for Resilience Initiative (OpenDRI) is a global partnership that seeks to build data sharing programs along with the capacity and tools to use data to make more informed decisions. The purpose of this platform is to facilitate open access to geospatial information, data and knowledge sources, about the ongoing response to the drought in the Horn of Africa. This site is the result of collaboration between development agencies, humanitarian organizations, and technology developers and can be used by anyone to access or upload data and visualize the information contained within.

This site lets you upload, manage, and browse geospatial data. Search for data that is valuable to you- in a number of geospatial formats- or upload your own data for use in creating your own map on this site.

Explore pre-made maps, and those made by website users, on such things as rainfall variation, famine affected areas,flood hazards,topography, road networks, World Bank projects and much more

Ready to share data you have, request for sign up credentials at the contact us page and we will send you credentials whith hich you could upload share some of your data. Help us share data with a community of DRM experts

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Layer from jmwenda, 3 years, 11 months ago

Uganda Villages - based on GPS coordinates provided by cluster leads, humanitarian partners in Uganda. Agreed to share publicly and authorized by Geo-IM Working group chaired by UBOS and UNOCHA as Secretariat. The data set has been last updated in 2009.

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